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Lochter Report - Montana magic at Lochter
« on: 04/09/2013 at 16:25 »
The continuing warm weather made it very pleasant to be out and about at the water side but tempting fish to your fly proved quite difficult unless you were willing to adapt and change as the day progressed.
One fly that seemed to defy this logic during the week was the Montana Short lure and once word got out about its effectiveness there was a ‘run’ on the fly box and they were very soon sold out. However they were quickly re-ordered and are still working well.
Some of those who had success with the Montana were Alan Reid from Turriff who had 8 fish, John Mestan from Aberdeen with 6 fish, Peter Wright from Newmachar with 4 and Eric Robertson with 3.
Daddy’s at times were also working well as there was a healthy supply of natural ones being blown off the grass across the water.
John Weir had 6 on daddies as did Billy Kelman and Ian Donald had 4.
Other methods that bore fruit were the white zuddler- Les Mess returned 9 using it, C Fraser had 5 on diawl bachs, A Murdoch had 7 on a black and green tadpole and Allan Logan had 6 on a variety of small nymphs.
The qualifiers from the last heat of the Summer Series Competition on Sunday were Colin and David Craik, Jim Doyle and Les Mess who now go through to the final on Sunday 6th October.
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