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Glen of rothes trout and coarse fishery

A weekend of windy conditions ended a steady week of fishing where it was buzzers and dries like daddies which are plentifull at the moment,cdc,s and hoppers which made up the first half of the week,As the conditions changed it was onto lures,like cats whiskers,budgies and orange fritz types which took over as fish began chasing fry actively.
It was great to see regular Eddie Anderson land his biggest fish to date weighing in at 6lbs 10ozs,his smile said it all.Joe Galloway landed another at 6lb 10ozs which was in perfect condition and a cracker,Ian Storey came close with a fish just under 6lbs at 5lb 15ozs,Gordon Grant had a good few hours with 14 fish and his best at 5lb and returned a brownie,kev Middlemiss had 2 outings doing well with 12 on one trip and 10 on the other ,his best at 4lb 8ozs,Harry McKenzie had a 4lb fish and Mark Tait showed you never know what will end up at the end of your fly line when he landed and returned a carp.Tigers were also caught and George Flett landed and returned 2 of them.With nights now drawing in this is worth noting when coming fishing as we tend to lose at least a half hour a week at this time of year.

Coarse loch

The lochs were fairly quiet this week so it was time to remove and clean up the edges of some reeds.The heaviest feeders have been the swallows taking advantage of the fly life ready for migration later in a couple of weeks.Bob Jackson had a good session with roach,skimmers,ide and carp on a mix of baits.

Millbuies trout fishery.

Millbuies has fished well all week with some good bags for all anglers.Top of the water has been best with daddies,cdc,s and kate Mclarens doing very well.Some of the catches in no particular order were,Ryan Williamson 5,Stuart Geddes 7,best at 5lbs,Jacky Watt 3 with a blue,Kenny McKinstray 4,Tommy Brennan 2,Billy Perkins 2,Graham McKinstray 2,Tom Gray 2,Alistair McQuaker 1best at 2lb 13oz,Mark Gannon 2,Alex Cormack 7 best at 2lb 13,Donny McCormack 7 best at 2lb 14oz,Stephen Turnbull 9,Gareth Henderson 5,Paul Keir 16,best at 2lb 14oz,Graham Gardener 1,Tony Patterson 2,James Patterson 4 and Brook Andrew 1 at 3lb 6ozs. We are now down to only day sessions now with the nights shortening so there is no evening sessions available untill next year.We will close the lochs at the end of October,depending on the weather at the time untill the nes season starting in march next year.


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