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Kevin Moss

Glen of Rothes trout and coarse fishery

It was week where Tiger trout showed up well for anglers.Cooler weather helped alot ,but it was still Kate Mclarens which came out on top as the fly of the week,taking many fish just under the surface.Cdc,s and daddy long legs worked very well when fish came onto the surface as conditions suited the dry and sport was good with these.Occasionally lures did work,especially cats whisker type patterns and colours.Ian Sutherland had a fish of just over 6lbs,James Rennie had a couple over 6lbs,Gordon Grant had 15 fish with a Tiger and blues among them,Len Davidson had 7 ,Ronnie ewen had 12,Colin Gault had 10 with a brownie,Graham Mason had 7 on buzzers,Ian Munro had 2 Tigers,David Reid had a good few hours on cdc,s,Bob Mann had 10 fishon diawl Bachs with his best at 5lb 13ozs,George Angus also on nymphs had a nicefish of 4lb 1oz,Les Aitken had 12 on dries,John Main hd 7 on black scruffs,Donny Davidson had a nice Tiger just over 3lbs,George Flett had 7 on nymphs.
Fry are around in abundance and the rainbows are certainly active with them as the water moves with huge wakes as they chase the fry.It should certainly encourage some good fry bashing with zonkers and minkies as they will actively be chasing as they look to put on the extra weight for the winter.

Coarse loch

Fishing has been steady with all anglers catching the usual mixed bags of roach,rudd,Bream to good sizes,Ide and the odd carp.Species caught depends largely on the tactics and bait used.

Millbuies trout fishery

Fishing has been mostly on the top this week with cdc,s,daddies and also kates working best.Stephen McConnachie had a great day with the daddies with 12 fish and could have had the same again but for misses.Its a great sight to see the fish rising all over the lochs which is always encouraging for the anticipated sport to come.Although fish are not on all day as they do switch off for periods and then back on again.The good weather is perfect for fishing on Millbuies and with the days shortening now,there is not long left to experience them for this year before it closes for the winter months untill March.

A video of pictures of the Osprey of the Glen taking a fish.Its amazing what you see around the fishery and more pictures uploaded daily on our facebook pages fo what is around.
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