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Good Fishing continues at the Glen and Millbuies
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Glen of Rothes trout Fishery

Buzzers and dries were the takers this week and anglers enjoyed some very good sport with a good mix of species being taken.Anglers expect to just catch rainbows but at the Glen you can never foretell what will take your fly.There was Tiger trout,Blue rainbows,eels,gudgeon, carp,browns and of course Rainbows.It certainly adds variety to fly fishing.
Weekend weather took a tumble with high winds,but it helped the fishing and anglers who braved it were rewarded with plenty of fish.Neil Smith had a beauty weighing in at 8lb 10ozs with a Blue and also a gudgeon on an okey dokey buzzers,Dave Simpson had a hard fighting Tiger,a first for him in his fishing career,Chris Johnston had a bar of silver in the form of a Blue among his 9 fish,Fraser kelman had 2 Browns to 2lb and returned a blue of around 4lbs,George Leighton had a cracker at 8lbs 13ozs with a blue also making up his bag on nymphs,Keith Kryle got a surprise when a Carp took his black pennel,Keith Robertson had a 6lb fish,Gordon Grant had 10 fish for his session as did Jimmy Rhind,Alan Riddle had 9 fish,Rob Harding enjoyed a couple of trips with some good fish taken on okey dokeys and daddies.Good average returns for anglers with 5 fish per session being recorded.Best flies this week by a long way are Kate Mclarens,Okey dokeys,Daddies and diawl Bachs.There are plenty of daddy long legs about now and fish are certainly scooping them up.With alot of fry around also,fish will not be adverse to taking fish patterns,such as zonkers and minkies and they will be in a chasing mood and the sport in the next few weeks should be very good for anglers.

Coarse Loch    

Plenty of fish being caught by the coarse anglers mainly using feeders this week with most opting not to use pole tactics with wind conditions late on in the week.John Norman had a fairly quiet session early in the week with a few roach and bream but a later session produced a good bag of perch,Bream,roach and an eel.Alan Baird had a good day with Carp to 5lb,an eel,Bream,roach and Rudd.Others who fished all had fish and forgot to check in and let us know which seems to be the norm on the coarse loch, so it is very hard to answer when asked hows it fishing?It can only help anglers if they let us know what baits and methods are working so as we can pass it on to those coming fishing on the loch.

Millbuies Trout fishery

An extremely busy week at the lochs  which saw nearly all anglers catching ,some more than others but its not all about a numbers game here as the surroundings are so special and relaxing.Some good fish around 3lb 8ozs were caught and the fish are fighting really well.David Cross had a great day with 12 fish,G Stewart had 6 fish,David Lietch had 8 fish,Karen Stokes had 7 fish,Alex Cormack had 4 fish,greg Stewart had 5 fish,S Baillie had 8 fish,R Baillie had 4 fish,Lee Benzie had a good day with a cracking fish of 5lb 8ozs,Alec Thain 1,Glynn Wright 2,Bill Jafferay 2,Alan Simpson 2,Mike Eltman 1,Malcolm Mead 2,Brooke Andrew 1,Jamie Cuprath 2,Dean Geddes 4,Clinton Clark 4,Andy Pownall 2,Jerry Stockwood 2,Best flies were traditionals ,like loch ordies,bibios,kates,invictas,cdc,s and hopper patterns.At times lures were needed and it was scruffs in black and lime and bunny leeches which changed a blank day into a fish recorded day.Day Sessions begin at 8.30 am and in the evening 4.30pm.The office at Millbuies will be open to issue keys from 8am to 8.45am and from 4pm to 4.45pm.Outwith these times keys are collected from the Glen of Rothes trout fishery unless pre arranged at the time of booking.Unlike a commercial fishery Millbuies is not manned all day as there is only 2 sessions and once the boats are out ,the Office closes untill the next session.Bookings are required by 6pm the previous day to allow staff to be there to issue keys.

A video of Alan Baird with a Carp



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