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A small rule change at Both the Glen and Millbuies.
« on: August 09, 2013, 16:21:00 PM »
We have decided that due to the closure of some fisheries within Scotland with argulus that for the near future we are not allowing float tubes on the lochs to avoid any transfer of this parasite.Anglers fishing this loch or the Glen are requested to ensure that all tackle and equipment used has been cleaned and dried if having fished outwith so as their is no chance of transfer to our waters.Only nets provided by Millbuies and the Glen are to be used. Only our own nets supplied at the fishery for use and no other nets will be allowed.
Make no bones about it ,this parasite is devastating and we do not want it in our waters ever and if we seem over protective at times,we do apoligise but we are only protecting our water,fish and Livlihoods and future angling for our anglers.We wish to stay free and clean at all times.


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