Kevin Moss

Glen Of Rothes trout and Coarse fishery.

The beginning of the week started as in previous couple of weeks where the weather has made it very tuf for fishing as they kept to the deeper water and clung to the bottom,not moving far to try and stay cool.uninterested in many offerings thrown at them.No matter how many fish you stock the scenario will always be the same in heat such as we have had and stories of bumper catches will never happen.The end of the week gave the change needed with heavy rain and hailstones the size of golf balls and this will help cool things down and give freshwater that will get the fish moving once again.It certainly started to show this with fish moving on the surface and responding to flies cast to them,anglers started to enjoy some long awaited sport.We should now get back to some sort of fishing normality again.Early mornings and late evenings have seen plenty of sport ,these are always the best times to tempt a fish at anytime.With all the new fish that have been stocked and not touched a fly there should be plenty of sport to come and anglers reported hooking and losing some of the bigger fish which have now moved off the bottom to start feeding.With alot of fry in the water at the moment it should be a good fry bash time to come  and fry feeding fish are really good sport when they are on fry patterns.It would be pointless to list catches as most were averaging around 2 fish a session in what was a hard weeks fishing untill the rain came and changed for the better.But certainly now it should start to liven up and get back to normal fishing and produce the goods with some good bags and with the bigger fish now moving, some good sized fish should becaught again.

Coarse loch

A quiet week ,but those who did fish had some good bags of silvers.Carp were moving around and some were caught.Reports of alot of activity around the reeds suggest that fish are taking advantage of the heat and responding to nature.Soft pellet and maggot are once again the best baits and the pole the method of choice

here are some pictures we shot from our night cameras .Hope you find them interesting.The fish was a 10lb wild brownie which died due to the excess heat so good to recyle.

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