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Artloch Report
« on: June 11, 2007, 21:49:48 PM »
Despite the occasional clammy conditions at Artloch Fishery during the later part of the week, fish have been constantly rising at Artloch Fishery and anglers have bagged some good numbers using small dries, wets, dark buzzers and olive nymphs.  

Examples include J Russell and C McCartney both released 10, best at 5 lbs, while S Holland, G Geddes, D Beverly each tempted 12, best at 5 lbs.   G Grant improved with 13 and J Rennie released a total of 56 over 4 visits, with best bag of 18 and releasing a double figure fish.  B Milton and I Sutherland each released 16, best at 5lbs, but top rod goes to R Ewen with 28, best at 6lbs.  C Wink released another double figure fish, while K Smith released a cracking 3 1/2 lbs brownie.

Artloch will closed to casual on Sun 17 Nov from 1630 hrs.

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