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Glens weekly report 22nd Jul
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Glen of Rothes trout and coarse fishery

Very hot temperatures makes fishing very slow,its always going to be this way and its a case of taking the opportunity of fishing early and late during the days to get the best of any fishing.Midday and early afternoons in this heat will always be very quiet and very unproductive and there is nothing in this world that anyone is able to do to make the fishing better.There will be fish caught,as there has been, but nothing like when its a bit cooler which produce good bags.Even cloud and wind is welcome and helps make the fishing better.Fish this week have been in deeper water,like us trying to find the cooler temperatures.Certainly there is no big numbers of fish being caught,but fish which are caught have been decent.With one cloudy day this week,Gordon Grant managed 10 fish and it certainly was good fishing for Dave Cabena from Perth,Malcolm Mcleod  who hit 6 fish in these conditions,David Balfour,Shamus Feaghan,Caleb Muir,George Stewart and George Ireland all had 4 fish and the majority of anglers managed at least 2 fish a session but it was not an easy week for sure.
Lures were the best ,such as hot head damsels,budgies and black and lime coloured flies worked.Buzzers and wets worked early and late in the day when it cooled.Ian Macechern had a cracking fish of 9lb 10ozs which took this weekends Summer Bumper prize for the heaviest fish over saturday and sunday,just pipping David Mckay who had a fish of 8lb 1ozs,Chris Johnston returned a fish over 9lbs,Jack Mcconnell had a nice 7lb 10ozs fish,Malcolm McLeod a 4lb fish as did David Cabena.Ian Munro had a 4lb 1oz fish and George Stewart jnr had one of 8lb 8ozs.
With some rain and some cooler weather the fishing will rapidly improve to what it normally is and all the bigger specimens which have been holding in the deeps will start to move around again looking to feed and the top of the water sport would be very good.So heres hoping,evenjust for a little while to bring water temperature down and introduce some fresher water and encourage the fishing back up.We are opening earlier in the mornings and later in evenings to give anglers more time for some good fishing and benefit while its cooler . 

Coarse loch

Coarse fish do react different to rainbows as they enjoy hot weather more.That showed for anglers as those who hit on the correct method had very good bags of fish.Paul Nash had well over 40 fish of Skimmers,roach,rudd and Ide,Kevin Cant picked up skimmers and carp,John Allsopp had carp and bream,Alan Sanya,Kieron Shaw,Bob Jackson all had a mix of roach,bream and the odd carp.Best bait was the soft pellet and the method was the pole for most of the week but method feeder did work at times.


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