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Kevin Moss

This weekends Summer bumper.
« on: 19/07/2013 at 08:15 »
With summer continuing here is this weekends summer bumper prize.The angler who catches the heaviest fish this weekend will receive a brand new reel plus spare spool.Only available on catch tickets and not catch and release tickets as the fish has to be weighed in.More fish will be put in to liven things up but as any angler knows you can put them in but you cant get them to take if they don't want to.In hot weather like this,orange and white and yellow are always good go to flies,early mornings and late evenings are good for drys when things cool down,but fish do become lethargic in this heat and prefer the deeper water during the day,but they can still be caught.We do ask that when you return fish to keep them in the water at all times and not take them onto the bank as they will not survive in these temperatures.
Water levels are good and no weed at all in any of the lochs to contend with.Fish are getting plenty of oxygen to keep them going and healthy.