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Lovely Weather to Go Fishing.
« on: July 08, 2013, 14:33:08 PM »
                                       One of the joys of fishing is that it takes you to some lovely spots. The quiet style of the sport often allows the angler to observe nature up close. Watching swallows and martins swooping and scooping flies off the surface , ospreys targeting trout  and families of ducks and moorhens scooting across the surface when disturbed or diving among weedbeds catching minnows and other water borne creatures.
Anglers at Lochter Fishery Oldmeldrum have had a chance during the past week to enjoy all three as well as enjoying some excellent fishing. Evening anglers have had plenty of action particularly on the sunny days when the trout fed only spasmodically during the day and saved their efforts until the sun was off the water.
David Pottinger down on one of his frequent visits from Shetland kept two for his hosts and returned thirteen mainly caught on damsel nymphs .The same day David Barron tempted ten with his yellow dancers and John Taylor had eight including a very nice 5lb fish all on small black ants and gnats.
Black gnats and buzzers worked well for John Wright who had a fine 4lb brownie in his bag of eight, while Bill Forbes evening session again using small black spiders resulted in a very satisfactory eight coming to the net. Blobs and fritz flies were the successful choice for Andy Hepburn who had a great day with fourteen fish to his name,Tom Lindsay had nine on bushy bibios and Ian Hepburn seven on dries and buzzers.
There have been a lot of fish showing on the surface but with natural food being in plentyfull supply anglers have had to work attracting  them. This makes it all the more enjoyable and rewarding  when a trout is tempted by an artificial.
Finally the third heat of five in the 1000 Lochter Summer Series is being held this Sunday at 09.00hrs.The top four anglers will go through to the October final and as the previous heats have shown it is not always the bookies favourites who go through ,so all anglers should give it a go and be there in the Cup-final where it is all to play for.

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