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Millbuies and the sun w/e 7th July 13
« on: July 08, 2013, 09:20:56 AM »
Millbuies trout fishery

The fishery had a couple of days closed this week with the last heat of boat competition taking place and left the fish and water nice and fresh for it.As everywhere it wasnt easy on the day ,fish were moving and the top loch produced the goods for anglers .Best places in the heat has to be under the trees and around the islands where fish will feel alot better and more in a taking mood.
The outcome of the last heat and the 4 remaining places for the final in august went to 1st Stuart Geddes with 2 fish for 9lbs 15ozs,2nd place was Scott Burness with 1 fish of 4lbs 2oz,3rd Dave Simpson and 4th Place was David McKay.
All said it had been a tough day but very enjoyable fishing and deeper tactics were required withlures to take the fish.
There was a 3lb 8oz Brown trout brought up and when looked at we found it had choked on mud from the bottom of the loch,very sad to see such a beautifull fish like this, but nature is a strange beast.It just shows what these lochs hold and what they offer anglers in fishing and scenery.

Please remember boats need to be booked before 6pm the day before you want to fish.You will not get a boat just turning up on spec on the day or ringing up to fish on the same day.This is to ensure staff are there to issue keys. There is 2 sessions daily only 8.30am to 4pm and 4.30pm to dusk/10pm.Booking boats is done by session .day or evening .It is not like a commercial fishery where you can just turn up and fish,it needs to be booked.


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