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Kevin Moss

Glen Sport w/e 30th june
« on: July 01, 2013, 11:34:57 AM »
Glen of Rothes trout andCoarse fishery

Fishing for most of the week was very good with a little stumble on Sunday which was down to windy conditions which never go down well,but even despite the wind some good fish were still caught but nothing in the way of what the rest of the week had been producing.Small black flies and buzzers were in the main the best producing flies,such as kate Mclarens,black spiders,black and orange cheek buzzers,white and lime wooly worms all did the business,at times cdc,s did work well.Lures like the black and red scruff and the old faithful budgie did the job for those working those.Fish were not deep so it was mostly floaters which were the choice of line.

Some examples of fish caught this week of which there is too many to list,were.Les Scott who had a 10lb plus fish,Jimmy McLean had a great day with fish of 12,10 and 8lbs,his brother Duncan McLean had fish of 10lb and 2 over 6 and one of 8lbs along with 2 tigers,Alan Liddle had a cracker  of over 12lbs,Craig Sweeney had a beauty of 9lb 7ozs but his Dad bettered this with a 9lb 13ozs fish,George Downing had a fish over 8lb,George Stewart had his best fish ever at 6lb 13ozs,John Milne had a 5lb 11oz,Kev Middlemiss continued his good streak with a fish of 8lb exactly,Billy Davidson had a 5lb 3oz,Eddie Kane had another great day with fish of 8lb 8oz and 4lb 15 ozs for 2 fish,George Angus had a 7lb 10oz,Al Clark had a perfect specimen at 9lb 3oz,Gary Gormley landed a fish of 9lb plus,Jim Walker an 8lber,Ian Brown had a great morning with fish of 8lb 7oz,8lb 1oz and for 3 fish a total bag of 19lbs 10oz and Paul keir had a brownie of 3lbs and a fish of 6lb for his day out.

All fish mentioned in report can be viewed on our web and facebook pages.

A wee video of Jim walker tussling with a fish of 8lb plus


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