Kevin Moss

Here is one of two loads delivered ready for the All night compy tomorrow and for next week.The second load was just the same.This has been our normal deliveries for months.
Always best in pictures and good to see full tails.

prizes for the compy are 200 for first and cash prizes for 2nd and 3rd place.
Only 2 places remain for the evening which will start at 10pm Saturday 22nd and finish at 6am sunday.
The auction will be at 1.30pm where anglers can auction off unwanted tackle,with reserves so as they don't go below a price required and all money goes to the angler and 10% is asked to go to charity which will be "fishing for heroes"
BBQ and drinks throughout the nigh so remember if driving in the morning  :z18

For those attending I hope you enjoy a great evening.Looking forward to it.
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