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Artloch Report
« on: June 05, 2007, 00:24:16 AM »
While rising fish continue to be a feature of Artloch Fishery, trout have catered for all types of anglers whether they have been fishing lures (WSW, Cats Whisker, Fritz patterns), traditionals (Greenwells, Black Pennell), nypmhs (Damsel, Diawl Bach), buzzers (generally dark) or dries (Black Gnat, Greenwells) this past week.  

Examples of baskets include W Rainnie and P Green with 10, best at 5 lbs, L Wood and W Senior with 12 best at 6 lbs while C Gray improved with 13.   Visiting angler R Touren left contented with 14, best at 5 lbs, as did M Dopuglas, but his best was 8 1/2 lbs.   However, top rod was L Wood who released 16 from buzzers, best at 4 lbs.   While C Masson weighed in a good bow of 7lbs, F Murray was very content with a bow at 9lbs 4ozs.

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