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The top sport is just beginning here
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Millbuies Trout fishery

Superb Fishing all week was enjoyed by anglers with plenty of fish being caught both off the top and at times on lures.Both lochs are producing the goods.Now is the time of year where evening catches and fishing start to come into their own and fishingcan be very good.Chris Grant had 11 fish with his best at 7lb 4ozs,james Hollywood had 12 fish with 4 blues,Grant Gardener had 3,Dave Newman had 8 fish with 4 blues,Steven Mc Connachie had 17 fish with 1 blue and a a nice Brownie aswell,Jason Holder 2,Bill Barclay had 2,Jim Miller 1,Alan Wright had 10,Davy McFarlane had 3,Ronnie Turnbull had 11 with his best at 5lb 6oz and 2 blues,Willie Miller 11 with 3 blues,Drew Carrie 10,Alec Keith 6 and a blue,Davy Ward 5,John Anderson 3 and Craig McGregor with 2.Sunday the 9th June is the 2nd Heat of the Boat Compy and the first 4 winners will go through to the final in August.Only 1 heat remains after this in July and names are been taken for this at the fishery.


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