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The good fishing continues
« on: June 03, 2013, 10:11:20 AM »
Glen of Rothes trout and coarse fishery

Varied weather conditions equals varied fishing.One minute fish are all over the surface and the next fish took to the deeps and Lures such as Scruffs,budgies and damsels were required.A quick switch later to cdc,s,muddlers,buzzers and diawl bachs produced as fish came back to the surface as swarms of insects hatched.Sticking to the one method produced but certainly those who were able to change methods to suit got the best of the fishing.Throughout the week plenty of good specimens came to the bank and fought well for anglers and were not easy to bring in.those fishing light did struggle and the following resulted in breakages,so its best to go a little heavier than lighter as they do produce the goods when hooked.Here is a few of the better catches in no particular order fromthis week.Paul Keir from Fyvie, had a great day with 26 fish with his best around 7lbs on small wets,Martin Kropp had 12 with a fish of 8lbs of the top with cdc,s,Gary Stewart with dries had a good fish of 6lb,Gordon Grant had 12 on cats whisker,Lady Angler Dena Cruickshank had  a beauty of 7lb 10ozs,William West had 2 good days which produced 12 and 9 using buzzers with plenty missed through the day best around the 5lb mark,Sutherland McKay had a nice fish of just over 8lbs,Graham Gibson had a fish of 6lb 11oz,Kev Middlemiss had a fish of 4lb 10oz and also a bream of 2lbs which was a surprise for him,Eddie Kane had a great day with 15 fish andlanded a bag of 3 fish for 17lb 4ozs included among them was a fish of 7lb 2ozs and another of 6lb 8ozs,Chris Johnston landed a nice double of 11lb 1ozs ,Bob Mann had a good day on diawl bachs with 12 fish,thetwo jims,Jim eddie and Jim walker had good fish of 5 and 6lbs,during the week there was plenty of good blues around the 4lbs mark caught and returned and also quite a few brownies.Some got surprised at catching Eels of which 3 anglers had one each and they were upto 2lbs in weight each.The road is now resurfaced and in very good condition and the best it has ever been with a new wider entrance andno cattle grids to go over.Names arenow been taken for the Floodlight competition on 22nd/23rd June starting at 10pm and finishing at 6am.There will be an auction and BBQ and drinks through the evening and is limited to 30 anglers only.

Coarse Loch  

A busy week here again with plenty of fish being caught mainly on pellet and maggot.Mark Barsby had a good day with a Carp to double figures and others around 5 and 6lbs.Perch,Ide roach and bream to 2lb were the norm for other anglers.When fishing here it is advisable to pre book pegs as they do fill up quite fast especially at weekends.What is good to see is plenty of fish being caught and  a good variety of species and sizes.Anyone who would like to fish overnight on 22nd/23rd  are welcome but limited places apply.

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