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Superb fishing on Millbuies this week.
« on: May 26, 2013, 11:01:29 AM »
Millbuies trout Fishery

Alot of good bags from the lochs this week with fishing really good ,especially the surface activity which switched onto to greenwells,kates,black spiders all doing very well.Ronnie Ewen again enjoyed a day with areward of 19 fish,5 blues and a beautifull Brown of over 4lbs,Steven McConnachie had 8 fish and his best was a Brown of 3lb 8ozs returned,Lenny Davidson had a good day with 14 fish including blues,Sandy Brown had 3,Mark Harrigan had 13, 2 outings in the week for the following group of Neil Baxter had 6,Alan Kelly had 5,Derek Reid had 6,Brian Bolton 5,Allan Stuart 1,Stuart Robertson 1 ,this was on one trip and all caught fish on their second outings also.
Next heat for the Boat competition is June 9th and only 2 places remain for this,with top 4 going forward into the final in August.Good avergaes of fish now coming out of the Mill at around2lbs.Just to remind anglers that Millbuies is booking only and must be booked the day before to ensure that staff are avaialble to issue keys.


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