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Very Good catches this week at The Glen and coarse. New
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Glen of rothes trout and coarse fishery

A busy week with fish starting to come well to the dries when conditions were right and offering anglers really good sport with Olives,Black spider patterns and Buzzers really did well for many.Some did do realy well with the old Budgie again coming out top for the lure camp.Plenty of decent fish were caught and Blues were quite dominant throughout the week and fought well for all who hooked into them.Ron Philips had a great day with 18 fish on Black klinkhammers,Ian Munro had 17 with his best a 4lb 5oz blue on diawl bachs and buzzers,Ken Howell had 11 fish for his session,Nicky Bremener had 16 fish returning a fish of over 8lbs on orange buzzers,Alex Reid had a fish of 8lb 8ozs,Doug Low had a beauty of fish at 9lb 3ozs,Derek Brown a fish of 6lb 10ozs,JimEddie on 2 outings had 10 fish and 14 fish including an eel of around 3lbs which took his buzzer on the dropper,Chris Johnston had 21 fish his best at 5lbs and a number of blues among those,Archie Miler had a good morning with a fish of 7lb 10oz among 10 fish landed, Neil Middleton had a fish of 7lb,Andrew More had 2 good fish of 5lb 9oz and 4lb 9ozs,David Duncan had a 5lber,Kev Middlemiss had 13 fish best at 4lb 8ozs with 4 blues among them.Good averages of fish caught of around 6 to 8 fish per session.
The road is now complete and has made a huge difference not having to go over the cattle grids  and car park now extended.There will be a one off competition for this year on June 22nd/23rd. It is a floodlight all nighter beginning at 10pm and finishing at 6am.During the evening an auction will be held,where anglers can bring along any unwanted tackle for auction and proceeds will go to the angler with 10% asked to be donated to charity on any sales.
It will be limited to 30 anglers only and names are being taken now for this 1 off event.
We also have the Special weekedn deal offer for any 2 consecutive days  fishing through the week where you can fish the Glen 1 day and Millbuies the next for 32.Tents are welcome for overnight at 5.

Coarse loch

Fish were really starting to move this week and saturday we watched huge shoals of carp along with Golden orfe enjoying basking in the sunshine.Carp were the major species taking this week for most anglers along with bream,ide ,roach and Rudd.All up to a good size.Even a Golden Orfe of just over 2lbs were taken.It is best to book on this loch these days or you may miss out as some have discovered of late.Best bait has been Pellet and maggot.
There is some videos of the carp on you tube and on our facebook pages from Saturday.

 Video of the cruising carp and Golden orfe this week.

All pictures of fish in report can be viewed on our facebook and website pages
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