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Lochter Report - Big Bags at Lochter
« on: May 20, 2013, 11:38:31 AM »
                                                      When I was a lad and went out for a day’s fishing with my father all that was required for the two of us was contained in an old gas mask case, with if course the gas mask removed. In the case was a wallet of hooks, a dozen or so flies and nylon casts. Two reels loaded with line of an indeterminate weight but certainly not floating, a flask of tea and a pack of sandwiches, cheese, date or spam. Two rods, one a heavy brute of a thing made of greenheart and the other in split cane plus an old folding net completed the equipment and off we went fishing and had terrific days. Nowadays we see anglers staggering to the waterside with great boxes and bags of gear. They are full of  reels, lines of all shapes and sizes, boxes and boxes of flies and lures, miles of monofilament and fluorocarbon, strike indicators, bottles of floatant, sinkant, anglers glue ,two rods, a landing net big enough to land moby dick and all manner of dangly appendages fixed to their “waterproof but breathable” jackets etc etc. Angling hasn`t half got complicated but it is still great fun and a great sport.
Talking of big bags, during the week there have been some big bags secured at the Oldmeldrum fishery with top of the water sport really coming into its own. Peter Young got things off to a flier with an amazing bag of twenty three, mainly on buzzers. George Pirie followed up with nineteen of which he kept two all on yellow dancers. Those intrepid buzzer devotees Gordy and Denny Mackay down from Inverness, netted twenty eight between them and were delighted with their visit. Kevin Neri had a terrific day on Sunday .Noting the steadily rising fish on the Heron loch he put on a couple of small dries and enjoyed continual sport , eventually catching and releasing twenty two. Also taking advantage of the rising fish opportunity, N Kelly had twelve on dries and G Findlay eleven on black spinners.
The next heat of the Lochter £1000 Summer Series, sponsored by EM Diagnostics will be held on Sunday 2nd June. There are still spaces available so anglers wishing to give it a go should contact the fishery on 01651 872787 or 872000.

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