Kevin Moss

Glen of Rothes trout and coarse fishery

Good surface activity with a hint of some sunshine through the week made the fishing more like it should be at this time of year.Anglers certainly enjoyed this activity and it was good to see floating lines in use rather than intemediate lines and lures which did produce at times but it was a mistake not to have a floater with you close at hand,loaded with kate maclarens,cdc,s,beetles and suspender buzzers as many fish would be missed otherwise.The resident Ospreys and deer added to the show each day which just adds to the what fishing is all about,catching them is only a small part of angling and the wildlife is great to watch while casting a fly.Throughout the week there was alot of good fish caught and Blue rainbows made the angling interesting with many caught and dont they fight hard.Some examples of catches this week were,Duncan Wright who had a great day with 3 fish for 21lbs 14 ozs they included a fish of 11lbs 2oz and another of 7lbs 15ozs,Bill Bain on 2 visits recorded fish of 7lb 8ozs,8lb 8ozs, and another around 8lb returned,Conor weatherall had a 6lb 10oz,John Mellon landed himself a tagged fish for 50 and made his day,Jim Walker had a fish of 9lb 8oz,Paul Mellon on only his second ever outing had a fish of 7lbs,Jim Eddie had a fish of 8lb 2ozs,Ray Gunn snr on  one of his visits had a fish of just over the 10lb mark and also a few between the 6 and 7 lb mark for his fewsessions over the week,Son ,also called Ray had a great week with plenty of fish and also upto the 7lbs mark,Doug Low a 6lb 1oz,Stewart patterson a fish of 6lb 8oz,Jock reid 7lb 9oz,Fobbie Jaffray a  7lb 5oz,Dave Taylor a good 10lb fish,Gary gormley had a 4lb Blue and all his fish over the 4lb mark and upto 7lbs,Kev Middlemiss had a fish of 5lb 3oz,Eddie Kane 5lb 4ozs,JockEwing had a great day with fish of 9lb 1oz and 7lb 8ozs for a 2 fish bag of 16lbs 9ozs,Nicky Farquar had a good day on buzzers with 20 fish best at around 8lbs,walter Senior had a surprise with a Brownie of 5lbs returned,Rod Palmer had a fish of 5lb,Alan Cowie had one of 10lbs.The best fly of the week without doubt was the consett budgie.

Coarse Loch

Fishing was good this week with plenty of fish being caught by anglers.Roach, rudd,Carp,gudgeon and ide were in the main the majority of fish with bream just starting to take.Soft pellet and maggot was the best baits on all methods including the pole.Its important that pegs are booked on the coarse loch as some anglers missed out last week due to being booked up.Anglers did report the larger carp starting to roll and move on the surface now that temperatures are creeping up.

Millbuies Trout Fishery (Boat Only)

Some anglers found it hard and some easy this week at the Mill but the one thing in common was everyone who fished enjoyed a great day out in the fantastic seclusion  the lochs offer.Fish are freely rising now that the water is warmer and they are very clear so anglers can see fish coming to the fly.Ronnie Ewen had another great day out with a catch of 25 fish with one at 5lb 13ozs and 8 blues retruned,again targetting rising fish using black spiders,greenwels and Kate Maclarens did the trick,boat partner Sandy Brown managed a creditable 11 fish with 5 Blues returned,Nicky Bremner was the winner of the troutmasters competition,Ray Gunn jnr and ray Gunn snr enjoyed 2 good outings with fish of 16, and 4 on first trip and  6 and 2,on second trip,Ryan Williamson had 6,Stuart Geddes had 6,John Main had 2,Walter Chapman had 1 John Shearson 1,James Patterson 7,Scott Burness had 11 and James Hollywood also 11 fish to 5lb 2oz.A little reminder for booking here it must be booked by 6pm the previous day to ensure that keys are available at the office at Millbuies.Booking is essential here to reserve your boat as otherwise you could miss heat day is June 9th with only 2 places remaining.

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