Kevin Moss

Glen of Rothes trout and Coarse fishery.

This week continued with consistant good fishing with only a couple of days where fish were a little fickle as temperatures dropped quickly overnight and it was the first days of the beetles and fish were very quick to take advantage of them.Evenings,as any winds died down they came to the top and dry fly fishing was very good sport.Still not the scene of summer dry fishing but it is slowly showing all the signs.Despite this anglers are certainly enjoying the fishing and the fish are fighting well and some still being broken as fish wont give themselves up easy.Best of the week was a beautiful full finned Blue rainbow of 10lbs for Bob Sutherland who also had a fish of 8lb 10ozs,John Smith had a good fish of 11lbs,7lbs and 6lbs on his day out,Ronnie Milne had a fish of 12lbs among his 6.Catches of fish upto 9lbs were caught by John Fraser 7lb 5oz,Mervin Michie 8lbs,Hazel Clark 6lb 12oz and a 4lb 8oz Blue,Peter Carey 9lb,Paul mellon on his first outing fly fishing had a fish of 7lbs 1ozs,Kev Middlemiss 7lb 13ozs,Moira Fielding 6lb 13oz,Alan Mitchell 8lb 1oz,Elliot Kendal 4lb 2oz,Geoffry kendall 4lb 2oz,M Tsuchiya from Japan had fish of 5lbs,Nicky Brmener had 2 Blues each just around 4lbs among his 12 fish,Grant Henderson had 11 fish with his best at 8lb 8oz, and youngster 11yr old Thomas Jack had a nice fish of 4lbs.
Best flies have been consett Budgies,buzzers,beetles,cdc,s and snatchers.

Coarse loch

This week the fishing has been very good with anglers catching good bags of roach,ide,gudgeon,rudd,bream and carp.Barry Evans and Kevin Mcdonnell did very well with the ide,bream and Roach with both taking good weights,Paul Nash had rudd,ide and gudgeon,John Allsopp using soft pellet had carp to 3lbs and rudd,Mark Barsby also took carp to 3lbs and ide.Others had a mixture and it was down to choice of bait and method used which determined the rates of success.Maggots,soft pellet were the best baits and method feeders a good pick to get fish.In the warmer temps carp are now coming to the surface which is a good sign.

Millbuies trout Fishery(Boat only)

A very busy week at the fishery with some good catches and some did struggle at times.Those who did search the whole of the lochs rather than stick to just one, did very well.Ronnie Ewen of Macduff had a great day and he said it was good to target rising fish and his reward was 35 fish which he stopped counting at,8 of which were blues.Jimmy Rhind had 8 fish,Dave McKay had 2,John Main 5,Colin Stewart 5 with 3 Blues,Mike Mielczarik had 1,Sandy Brown 8 with 4 Blues,Bill Salmond 2,Brian Studahub 2,Alex Cormack 8,Donnie Cormack 2,Emily Brierley 1,Graham Thom 1,Mark Stewart 3,Bill Niblo 5,Martin McColl 4,Gordon Fleming 2,Harry Foster 4,Sandy Munro 1 and Stephen Munro had 4 .Dry fly is working when fish are up onthe top with nymphs,damsels also doing very well.Only 2 places remain for the june heat of the Boat competition on 9th June and anyone interested for this one or the July heat can contact the fishery for details.
Booking of boats here is essential before 6pm previous day.

All pictures of fish contained in the report from this week can be viewed on our facebook pages and our website.


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