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Mercy Monsieur Fauvet
« on: May 08, 2013, 22:35:20 PM »
After Marc's Tenkara demo I was keen to get a fish on this method. I've tried it once (or was it twice  :roll) for a very short stint and threw the thing in the garage.

Went out at about 7:30 and with a spit in the air and darkness all around due to the raincloud cover I wandered if I was a dick  :X2

I must admit that I was a bit excited although not overly confident.

Well I had a great time. I stuck to a nymph although there were small fish showing to spinners.

It wasn't long before my duck was broken and I had great fun with some smaller stuff until I hit one around 1/2lb which I lost  :X1

I worked various pools upstream, up and across, across and down, whatever the flow or bathymetry required.

I was gutted to lose a 3/4 lb fish shortly followed by a stonker of 1 1/4lb ish  :mad

A few smaller ones followed then I did manage to land this monkey after what can only be described as a Frank Spencer netting escapade  :X1

With the memory of the good fish still vivid in my nugget I fished on 'till later than I should have but was rewarded with a nice 7" fish to end the day.

It was fun and will get another airing soon and was a reminder of what can be achieved with a bit of stealth.


Mark Zhang

Re: Mercy Monsieur Fauvet
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2013, 08:14:39 AM »
 :z16 :z16 very nice photo and report. I guess it won't be long to catch their grandparents.

Tight lines.



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