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Glen of rothes trout fishery
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Glen of Rothes trout and Coarse fishery

Another bumper week for anglers which saw plenty of good bags and fish.Dries made an appearance midweek and surface sport was very good with plenty of blues responding to conditions.Buzzers,nymphs and olive damsels were the most prolific for anglers on intermediate and floating lines.Finding the depth was the key  as always.In no particular order some of the catches were,Gordon Grant had 20 fish his best at 6lb,Graham Gibson had a 4lb 11ozs,Bob Wilson a good blue,Graham Murray had 4 blues returned,Gary Gormley had a 6lb fish and returned 2 blues,Willie Liesk on dries had a nice blue returned,Gary Brown a blue,Bill Taylor returned a fish of 8lb plus,Thomas cairney on his first trip returned a fish of 5lb and on his next visit landed a fish of 9lbs 8ozs,Archie Miller had a 7lb2ozs plus a 4lb er,Tom Anderson a 5lb Blue,Bob Mann had a 5lb 2ozs fish with a Blue of 3lb 13oz,Andy Ulke on his first outing this year had a fish of 8lb 8oz,Scott Burness had a good day with 13 fish,Chris Johnston had an 8lber,Willie Thompson an8lb 2oz,Dan McLaughlin had a 14lber,John Gray a 10lb fish,Paul MacDonald a fish of 11lb 8oz,Jim Eddie a 9lb 13ozs fish,Kev Middlemiss an 8lb 13ozs fish,Dave Buley a 7lber on his 5wt rod which gave him a good fight before the net,Lady angler Leslie Davidson continued her good run with a 4lb 8ozs fish.

Coarse Loch

Fish have been coming to the net on maggots well,Bob Jackson had a good bag of roach,rudd and carp,John Robertson had Ide,roach and Carp to 5lbs,kevin robertson had ide,roach and carp,Richard Mellis Carp,roach and rudd and ide,Ian robertson roach and ide.Some soft baits have also worked at times.

Pictures on website and facebook pages.


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