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Millbuies trout fishery we 7th Apr 13
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Millbuies trout fishery

Finally with all the ice away the boats were able to get out and anglers took full advantage of it after so many cancelations due to the recent weather.Some good sessions for all anglers and Okane Mclennan did very well with 30 fish and weighed in 2 for 8lb 8ozs with his best at 5lbs.he also returned a nice Blue of 5lbs,all on damsels.Brian Richie had 12 fish,Lawrence Richie had 3,Mark Richie 1,Andy Lambie 9 on buzzers,Mel MacDonald had 10,Graeme McKenzie 8,Leighton Davies had 7 with a 2lb 8ozs Brownie and a blue of 5lbs returned,Mark Ure had 2,Johnston Swinton had 6 with his best at 2lb 6ozs.
Both lochs fished really well and plenty of good fishing to be had in the coming months here for sure.It is important to reiterate that boats have to be booked prior to fishing so as staff are there to hand keys out.There is 2 sessions per day and just turning up for a boat may mean no staff will be there, so please book before fishing.Sessions are 8.30am to 4pm (day) and 4.30pm to dusk/10pm(evening)only,you can fish between these times if you wish, but, prices and time of sessions will still be the apply  and down to boat availability.
Still looks good in April snow today,all gone now though.all boats out and fishing well.
A good blue of 5lbs returned
Along with a nice Brownie returned at 2lb plus


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