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Glen of rothes trout and coarse fishery we 7th apr
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Glen of rothes trout and coarse fishery

Plenty of good fishing,with decent weather conditions apart from sunday where the snow returned but at least there was no ice with the air temperature warming up.Fish took advantage and came to the surface to feed on the occasional hatches in the day,but intermediate lines were still required with Olive becoming the dominant colour,as is the norm for this time of year.It was good to see plenty of youngsters on the water and to see their smiles catching fish,which is important for the future of angling.A reflection of some of this weeks catches in no particular order were,Slater Scott with a 4lb fish,Kevin McDonnell a 4lb fish,Archie Miller on his fiirst vist had a 7lb 1oz fish,his second outing he had 17 fish in 4 hours,returning 7 over 5lbs and also a double figure fish to finish a good session,Steve Urwin had 14 fish on his trip,Bob Middleton returned a 6lber,Sandy Munro had 3 fish over 4lbs ,one of which was a Blue,Son Steven had a 5lb fish,Seamus Maguire had a good bag of 3 fish for 13lbs 5ozs and his heaviest fish was 6lb 5ozs,Chris Johnston had a great session with fish of 13lbs,10lbs and a 9lber among his 10 fish,Stuart Geddes had a fish of 5lbs among his 13 fish,Dave Mackay a 4lber,Jim Walker had 8 fish with his best at 8lbs,Kirk Martin had a nice Blue of 4lb 5ozs,George Stephen had  a good session with a tiger,a Blue and a rainbow only a brown trout was missing for the full house.Most were averaging around the 5 and 6 fish per session,like Phil Podlesny,George Leaton,Gordon Grant,Graham Boyd, others all had fish around 3 for a session, with only the occasional blank.Best flies were olive damsels,budgies,okey dokey buzzers.

Congratulations to the Winner of the Junior Troutmasters,Leon Campbell who will be fishing in the Final at Stonebridge and also well done to the winner of the Senior Troutmasters,Gary Gormley who will go to Grafham in the final.Both Gary and Seamus had good Blues of 4lbs 4oz and 4lb 1ozs respectivly in their bag on the day.
Youngsters Gregor Loughrie caught,as did Jamie Reid with a nice fish of 2lb 8ozs,Scott Mellis and James Horton.

The coarse loch started to fish,mainly with maggot and worm and roach,rudd and ide were caught well, but intermittant through out the day.But it was good to see them active after a long the temps are getting warmer fish should be feeding alot better from now.
What greeted anglers today,but all gone now,thankfully,


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