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Chill Continues
« on: April 01, 2013, 15:57:36 PM »
Lochter Fishing Report
Chill Continues

Although cold conditions continued during the week it was fortunate for the hardy fishers that the stiff easterly wind died down and at times sunny and becalmed conditions prevailed.
The fish are still in winter feeding mode and intermediate lines and a slow retrieve seemed the most effective method.
Alan Logan using a small nymph got 5 fish and Ewen Fraser from Aberdeen had 8 on a Montana.
The Country Club from Aberdeen had an outing at the weekend and the best 3 were Bob Thomson with 10 on a WSW and Catís Whisker, Jim Stager with 9 on Catís Whisker and Bert Lawrie with 5 also on a Catís Whisker.
Albert Trait used buzzers to good affect wand had 5 fish, Neil Smith from Aberdeen had 11 on a mixture of lures and event had one on a dry fly.
The dynamic fishing duo of John Brown and Kevin Neri also did well with 11 and 8 fish respectively and not giving anything away were all caught on the Ďvariousí fly.
This Sunday Lochter is holding its Scottish Singles still water heat to see who qualifies for the Still Water Finals which are also being held at Lochter on 23rd June.
This will be a keenly contested event with some of the top anglers in the area taking part. There are still places available so contact Lochter Fishery on 01651 872787 to put your name down. The competition starts at 9.30am.


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