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Kevin Moss

Glen and Millbuies report 1st April.
« on: 01/04/2013 at 10:06 »
With winter extending its grip the lochs are seeing ice first thing but clears once the sun is up around midday.The pumps keep plenty of water open all the time,so there is plenty open for fishing and any ice remaining clears alot quicker that forms overnight.Fishing begins slow in the mornings and the afternoons have been alot more productive for anglers with good bags being caught.In no particular order some examples were,willie Petrie with a 4lb 4ozs,Gordon Grant returned a double among his 6 fish,John Overton had 2 fish of just over the 5 lb mark each,Donald Patience had 20 for his day on woollie worms in green and white,John Main had a cracker at 10lb 4ozs on a rainbow fry,Callum Wall had 28 for his 6 hours with a fish of 5lb 8oz his best,Jim Eddie had a nice Tiger trout which was returned,Murray Stewart had a 4lb 1oz,Paul Sharp had 12 fish and his best was 8lb plus,Tom Anderson had a 5lb er,Barry Ward a 5lb 8ozs fish,Harry Hancock had a good fish of 8lb 9ozs,Callum wright enjoyed his day with a beauty at 9lbs 8ozs,Barry Williamson had 10 fish and William Hutchinson also had 10 fish for his 2 hours.Most other anglers were averaging between 4 and 7 fish for their sessions.

A very nice image of Pauls Sharps fish which at the time was estimated at around 8lbs by David murray and Paul,but when Harry weighed in his fish of 8lb 9ozs,they felt it was alot bigger.

Not much to report at the lochs this week as ice froze them making them unfishable.So, sadly all the many bookings for boats had to be cancelled and the troutmasters will now be put back to May 18th for the fish off.New letters with details should be sent out for this.As soon as warmer weather comes there is no doubt the lochs should fish very well.We will keep everyone informed daily on here and also on our facebook pages.Today ,Monday,there was open water but not enough to allow fishing and give the lochs the justice they deserve for the quality of fishing, so rather than be half hearted and money pinching,I d rather see anglers get what they pay for and enjoy the lochs and the fishing when fully opened.

Kevin Moss

Re: Glen and Millbuies report 1st April.
« Reply #1 on: 03/04/2013 at 09:34 »
Wow! second day in a row with no ice at all on any lochs and fish were rising really well and feeding at 6.30am ,just as they were last night.Maybe the season at long last has now started.The forecast isn't as great as we would like but it is warming very slowly and as long as it keeps the ice at bay.Anglers should certainly enjoy the continued good fishing and we will put the pictures here and on the website as we get them.


This morning The lochs were stunning and we are happy to report that all the lochs are now free of ice and open for fishing.The fish took advantage and were rising well in both top and bottom lochs which was good to see.Just a reminder for those in the troutmasters that we are aiming to hold the fish off on 18th May and letters should be out on this with new dates.