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Kevin Moss

Glen/Millbuies w/e 18th March
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Glen of rothes trout and coarse Fishery

There seems to be no escaping the wintery weather which makes for up and down fishing on the day.Only the hardiest of anglers venture out and this week apart from one day it was lures that were called for for a chance of fish.The one day of mild temps,saw a hatch which brought fish upto the surface and feeding well,which brought some hope of spring and better weather for fishing.Gordon Grant found the right tactics landing 21 fish with a 7lber and a 5lbb,er among them,Robert wilson had 10 fish in 2 hours with a good Blue of 4lb 4ozs on buzzers,Neil Stone had a blue of 4lb 5ozs,Les Easson had 2 fish for 7lbs 10 ozs ,best at 4lb 2ozs,Barry Ward had 10 fish and his best a cracker at 13lbs 8ozs,Chris Johnston had a good one at 5lbs,Gary Gormley continued with his run of good fish with a one of 8lbs 2ozs,Eddie Kane just couldnt find a rainbow on his day,taking 3 good browns and the best at nearly 4lbs all returned.Barry Williamson got a screaming run to the backing from a good fish around the 5lb plus mark and turned out to be a nice blue,Phil Marland returned a good double on his trip also.Tom Maitland had 5 best at 4lbs,Tony thompson had 8 best at 5lbs 2ozs,Ed Stronach had 4 with his best at 4lbs 8ozs.Some blanks were recorded but that was down to cold fingers. Its always best when the weather is bad to contact the fishery before travelling especially when snow is forecast.
A nice rainbow returned to fight again

Millbuies Trout fishery

Not much could be done about the weather which stopped all the fishing on the lochs this week.All boats had to be cancelled and rebooked.The only positive is that fish are still waiting for anglers and fishing should be good when the weather finally breaks