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The weather this week has seen a great improvement over the preceding period but has still some way to go to produce ideal seasonal conditions. However, it was gratifying to see the first few fish taken on a dry fly and the level of surface activity has increased almost day by day. Today (Sunday) the early morning surface activity is remarkable with the movement of feeding fish.

The past week has produced reasonable catches with the Buzzer and wet fly emerging as the chosen tackle and where lures were fished the most successful were the smaller versions with Montana variations being favourite.

The best recorded catches this week were:

G Ellington, Ellon, 18 fish, (Green Buzzer), M Stewart, Methlick, 12 fish, (Montanta Nymph), B Gray, Largue, 10 fish, (Buzzers), A Gibson, Gardenstown, 8 fish, (Orange Blob), C Fraser, Turriff, 8 fish, (Blob-various), K Maddocks, Aberdeen, 8 fish, (Pink Bunnyleech), D Stewart, Aberdeen, 6 fish, (Humungus).

D Stewart included a 10lb + in his catch and G Ellington landed a 9.5lb fish.

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