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Kevin Moss

This applies to the Glen.

Update on rules at the fishery.

1 If using an indicator,only 1 lure//blob is allowed to be fished beneath it.All other flies must be either a buzzer,wet or nymph types.

2 If on catch and release all hooks must be debarbed or barbless.

3 When releasing fish they must be kept in the water at all times and released into open water and only taken onto the bank if they are being killed.

4 1 blue is allowed to be taken in a bag limit per angler.

All other rules are the same as any other fishery.If in any doubts please just ask staff who will be happy to assist..

This is to ensure good health of fish and continued catches for anglers of good quality fighting fish..

This is for Millbuies

There is no use of indicators at Millbuies,it is natural fly fishing only.

All blues and browns are to be returned unharmed to the water.

This is a beautifull water of 13 acres with 6 boats and to be enjoyed in wild scenic surroundings and quality of fishing.Care of the environment,the water and fish is of paramount importance here.

We want everyone who uses it to enjoy a great day out in this hidden gem.

Special weekend deal  ticket

Special deal tcket.Must be booked in advance.

 All day 3 fish plus unlimited candr at the Glen 20
 session at millbuies(including boat and 2 fish limit,unlimited candr) the next day 20

 total for a weekend/during week(2 days together) 40

 All day cand r at the glen 12 then next day or vice versa,,
 session at Millbuies 2 fish limit,unlimited candr and boat 20

 Total for weekend /during week(2 days together) 32
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Allan Liddle

That's some good pricing for a couple days fishing Kevin.

I'm sure i'll have a bit if spare time to make the use of these.


Allan L

PS Why not just make it single fly only on indicators Kevin, no matter what the hook size more than one fly certainly results in a high number of foul hooked fish.  Hence the reason only one flee below the float for me.

Kevin Moss

I know what your saying Allan but don't want too many rules and regs.

Its a good deal ticket that one though.Boy lost a 4 lb brown at the Glen today at the bank.Another lad had a 41/2 lb Blue and a5lb Rainbow.All boats are booked now for opening day at millbuies.

kevs up on the 7th march.