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Salmon Lines
« on: February 03, 2013, 20:35:25 PM »
With all the choice on the market today, what is everyone using.  What do you have in your arsenal and when do you use it?

I have and regularly use......

Skagit - used in spring, high & cold water, for throwing very big flies and heavy tips and for fishing with next to no space behind me. Also used in very windy conditions or off the bank at times and when needing to wade very deep.  For tubes and tips faster than 8 inches per second only

Floating shooting head, for general fishing with polys and flies from Cu tubes to small doubles.

AFS tracker - multi tip shooting head carrying 15' fly line tips from intermediate to 8ips, bridges the gap between the two above.  Very useful when throwing heavier flies and wading deep or off the bank.  Less clunky than a Skagit but not as delicate as a decent floating head or short Spey line.

Sinking shooting head - varying rates.  Used when swinging through bigger rivers in higher water and when a tip style line like the above just doesn't feel right.

Mid / long head floating Spey line.  Used for fishing small flies in the summer when shallow wading and fishing a tapered mono leader or short polyleaders only.



Jonathan Kerr

Re: Salmon Lines
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2013, 17:18:29 PM »
Last year was my first year with the dh rod so kept things pretty simple line afs floating kit! Used the intermediate or sinking tip mainly. Didn't really feel like I needed anything else - didn't fish any 'heavy' tubes etc really.

Eddie Sinclair

Re: Salmon Lines
« Reply #2 on: February 09, 2013, 22:10:50 PM »
I use an A F S tracker with various 15 foot tips for big tubes in the spring on the 15 footer rated 10/11 for everything else I use an A F S size 8/9 on the 14 footer. I also have an 8/9 floating Mackenzie line but I have never used it.

As Shakespeare said, it is better to have hooked and lost than never to have hooked at all.

Sandy Nelson

Re: Salmon Lines
« Reply #3 on: February 10, 2013, 11:27:03 AM »
Mackenzie shooting head kit with float and intermediate heads and a set of polytips.
Last year i never used the Intermediate head i only adjusted the tips and size of fly. It was great.

The Barrio Switch/Light spey 6wt prototype was awesome on the MX. not tried anything else and the rod has yet to be used on the river, so purely practice so far, looking forward to the tweeked version :z16 and then exploring which tips it likes :z16

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