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Re: Brown Trout - New ADAA Rulings etc
« Reply #15 on: February 01, 2013, 17:48:12 PM »
I am not sure if this will be a ruling for the whole Don system, but certainly ADAA have it in their new rules. The Don is more reknowned as a Brown Trout fishery than a Salmon fishery so it is about time this was acknowledged IMO. Most of the big trout are apparently caught by Salmon anglers using spinning lures in late Summer, and it is possibly these that get chapped - I don't know any serious BT fishermen that keep fish. Pretty sure the vast majority of Salmon fly anglers would return BT given it is not the target species. Spinning should only be permitted in high water or for elderly members - most of the new younger guys I see that have joined in the last two years fish the fly for Salmon.

Now we just need to make sure everyone knows this ruling and applies it !


Pity they allow spining at all, sadly some are too tempted regardless of water height and removing the option all together may help cut this oout.  Appreciate the elderly bit though, and appreciate also that big trout like big salmon flees as well so chances are the same guys that would chap them spinning would chap them fly caught.

We just have to keep educating them on the plus factor of our native browns and encourage thier safe return after capture.


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