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Zonking good time at Lochter
« on: November 26, 2012, 15:53:34 PM »
Down Lochter way last week the fish appear to have finally settled down to their normal winter feeding habits with maybe a bit of a retro twist.
Looking through the returns book it could be seen that two of the older, more traditional lures had put up a good showing against some of their more modern flashy rivals.
At the forefront of this revival was the zonker and Les Mess had 8 fish on a white one, John Archibald had 6 on pink and white and Davy Smith from Aberdeen had 5 also on white.
Following closely on its heel, and not to be outdone the ace of spades also did well. Mark Devlin from Glasgow landed 5 fish, one being 6lb weight, Rory Cruickshank from Portlethen had 5 and Bill Rattray from Ellon got 4.
The mini cats whisker was also a popular choice and Andy Robertson from Wartle on what he described as Ďa very wet dayí got 7 fish, one being 6 1/2 lb- Graham McLeod had 4 fish and G Davidson had 3.
Combination set upís that proved effective were the UV tadpole and minike that got Andrew Barrowman 9 fish, Craig Robertson had 9 on a dancer and okay dokay and I Hamilton had 6 on a damsel and diawl bach combination.
Jock Ewing and Davy Wood both kept the faith in their trusted WSW lure and had 6 and 3 fish respectively.
With colder but drier weather predicted for the week ahead then there should be some good sport to be had- but remember to wrap up warm!


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