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Allan Liddle

Re: Keeping mobile phones dry!
« Reply #15 on: October 22, 2012, 15:02:39 PM »
Not as funny as this....

Two mates long since moved away from this area (former RAF guys who's initials were Andy Brown and Alan Roberts) were fishing long ago, before the house at the end of the loch was permanently inhabited, an evening session on the Loch of the Much Weeds.
Now in those days the local angling association had the boats and you could fish as late as you liked.

After an evening of much troots they headed back to the boat house to find a little red tender thing blocking the entrance (some kids from the estate had been out playing on it earlier).
So with it being very very late  (about half one am) they thought they'd simply push it out the way, rather than untie it, get homw quick was the train of thought, so one stood on the red tender thing, whilst the other pushed.  The rope slipped and the boat took as wee bit of quick forward motion, enough to make AB loose balance on the top and fall in, which in turn, caused AR to loose his grip, tumble forward and 5.1, 5.3, 5.1 score dive right into the loch as well.

Resulting comotion and swearing was plain for anyone to hear, but as no-one was ever present they didn't think it mattered too much.  Wet they decided to simply carry on and push the boat into the boat house and lock it up for the night.
Then they headed over to the car and proceeded to remove thier wet garments, leaving one in a spare jumper and shreddies, the other in bottoms but no top, or so they said.  And to cap it all off they opened a tin of beer to wash down the swig out the hip flask, aye i know and these feckers were charged with defending the realm, it gets better too.
The hoose had some holiday makers renting it and given all the fecking racket had headed out to find two semi clothed guys standing in the remotely located darkness apparently drinking, and not at all accepting the tale of woe that had befelled these two poor anglers.

So they did what any self respecting holiday maker who'd had a rude awakening by what appeared to be 'Brokeback Anglers' and called the police as soon as the afore mentioned dynamic duo had departed.

About a mile out of Dufftown, local plod stopped a red Citreon and asked the inhabitants to kindly step out the car please.  Follow the explanation again, a successfully passed breath test, a stern talking to about making such a disturbance and on yer way, oh and i'd cover up guys if you don't want people to get the wrong idea....

Not sure they ever fished there again, but definately know they never made the mistake of telling me any more of thier angling tales of woe, especially the ones that begun, 'Keep this to yourself but...'   :z4 :z4 :z4 :z4 :z4 :z4

At least i waited until the annual dinner and dance for the Moray Fly Fishing League of whom both were members and of which yours truly was Chairman and as such the one to stand up and conduct the presentation.  And the next award is for...... que two big beetroot pusses  :oops :oops :oops :oops :oops :oops :z4 :z4 :z4 :z4 :z4 :z4 :z4 :z4 plenty  :z4 :z4 :z4 :z4 :z4 from the assembled audience followed by plenty  :z18 :z18 apris celebrations.
You really couldn't make it up eh? :z4 :z4

Noel kelly

Re: Keeping mobile phones dry!
« Reply #16 on: October 22, 2012, 18:09:18 PM »
Lol Allan  :z4


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