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Wind Dictates Tactics at Lochter
« on: October 01, 2012, 16:50:20 PM »
                     Wind Dictates Tactics at Lochter.
Looking at the weather conditions column in the catch record at Lochter Fishery Oldmeldrum  each day shows the same entry “windy”.This  meant that the fish were well down in the water with only the very occasional rise close to the banks where there was a bit of shelter.
Anglers, wise to this, found that an intermediate line and a gold head  was the way to get to the fish with floating lines being very difficult to control especially during the squally periods
Experienced angler John Parsons showed the way  using a black and green tadpole he kept two and released twenty one and had in his own words a “very good day” .J O` Neil also got among the fish with thirteen on a fritz while also having excellent days were John Rhind with nine  on a mix of black fritz and montana`s , John Wilson who used wsw`s to account for ten,A Fryer with twelve and Dave Simpson who kept two and released seven on blobs and a bunny leech.
Jim Adie fished dries in the calm corners and was rewarded with ten and Gary Gormley had half a dozen using buzzers.
At the time of writing the weather is much calmer and trout are active on the surface and in the margins so there should be plenty of action for all anglers from buzzer men to blobers.
This Sunday will see the culmination of the Summer League sponsored by E M Diagnostics. The first prize of £ 1000 is there to be won and just having seen the Ryder Cup golf match where Europe snatched victory from the jaws of defeat  it is clear that anything can happen. It will be tight lines and fingers crossed for all the pairings  on Sunday.

HH  1/10/12


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