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Re: Fish from the tube today
« Reply #15 on: September 21, 2012, 21:45:20 PM »

It's a Mk1 Snowbee, the original Red Oktober. The reason I now have a Shakey stealth boat is because of the constant fear I had on Loch Beannich last year over 30 feet of water with two bladders, one of which was likely to be emptied at the slightest hiss from the other :z4

RO 1 was fine for the likes of Haddo or Taner but worried me silly on big lochs. Saying that I never had a real issue with it. It steered well, coped with waves really well and was an all round good egg. This tube taught me a lot and changed the way I fish. It also led me down the path of tube mods because the crotch strap needed to be shortened and the extra straps needed to be removed. You should see my Shakey! Only the handles remain and two cordura straps on the port side to hold my net. Everything else is unnecessary on my boats because it catches line. The top bladder is gone too which makes a great stowage space with a dry bag for holding fleeces etc. I may have to start a "show us your tube mods" thread for the winter to keep us all going.  :grin

RO1 will live again - Iain and I will make sure of that  :z16

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Re: Fish from the tube today
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So is Steve Parton back in the business? I guess I'd be phoning him regarding repair/ replacement.

I know what you mean about line magnets Euan, you really need to JEEP a tube.
I too (as I suppose most do) use the Shakey top compartment to store a waterproof but I keep the deflated bladder in..................just incase.


Noel Kelly

Re: Fish from the tube today
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Steve Parton is back making tubes and bladders. I believe this is a limited run so Iain if your mate needs replacements I wouldn't hang about in getting them ordered.

Kevin Muir

Re: Fish from the tube today
« Reply #18 on: September 22, 2012, 00:09:11 AM »
I checked with Steve last week and he was expecting the bladders to arrive quite soon.

The cost for a full set of five (just like the five bladders in a shakey) is about 100.00.



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