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Lochter Report- Late Summer Action
« on: September 03, 2012, 13:11:28 PM »
As we now enter early autumn, and with the slightly warmer weather of last week there was good ‘top of the water’ action to be had.
W Robson had 8 on CDC buzzers and Shuttlecocks, William Muir had 9 on Klinkhammers, Ian Syme from Glamis had 10 on a variety of dry flies and Stuart Bruce had 9 using dry flies which included a Grey Wulff, Olive Dun and Greenwells Glory.
With high pressure settling in for most of next week then continuing, dry fly success should be assured.
A variety of lure were also found to be effective and those included the WSW with Albert Trail getting 8 on a black one. W Perkins had 9 fish also on black, William Lindsay had 8 on a Montana, John Strachan had 7 on Damsels and Bill Ainslie had 5 on a Yellow Dancer.
There was a very good turn out on Sunday for the Singles Competition held as a fundraiser to support the SANA Scottish Bank Team. It was a Who’s who of the top local talent and it was great to see the camaraderie and good spirits that prevailed. There were many former internationalists who took part as well as the current national Troutmaster champion Chris McAllister. It was nice to see Fraser Renwick representing SANA and I know he never misses an opportunity to come up and fish in the north east when he gets a chance.
After a day on intense competition the winner was local Ellon angler, Kevin Neri, who consistency over the whole day was the hallmark to his success. More importantly over £500 was raised and we wish the Scottish team every success in the forthcoming Home International.
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