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Lochter Report - Lovely Fishing Weather
« on: August 20, 2012, 13:18:07 PM »
At long last after what seemed an eternity of cold, wind and rain the weather has taken a turn for the better. The air has warmed, the sun has shone and although the rain has not entirely stopped, it has eased back to an acceptable level. The combines are busy bringing in the harvest and as predicted they have stirred up swarms of corn lice and other fly life which as they find their way to the water have provided the trout with a wonderful bounty of tasty food. This in turn has made the fish a little picky and anglers have had to vary their tactics while fly choice has been critical in ensuring that the fish keep coming to the net at Lochter Fishery, Oldmeldrum.
The top of the water has certainly been the place to be with fish feeding in the top two feet.CDC emergers, hoppers, buzzers and assorted dries  have all been working well and some excellent bags have been achieved. Tyler Hay had a terrific day and top scored with twenty three while Kevin Neri fishing his summer league had seventeen. David Murray caught and released thirteen using a mix of cdc`s and suspender nymphs and was delighted with has day while W Reid and I Armstrong had a dozen each using similar flies .Foam beetles were the choice of L Stephen, ten fish were suitably impressed and were landed using this interesting variation.
The weather is forecast to stay fisher friendly so prospects are excellent for the immediate future.
Finally a special mention Scottish Bank Fishing Team. There are several local NE fishers in the team which will represent the country in an international in Wales next month. They are holding a Singles Fundraiser Competition at Lochter on Sunday 2nd September. The competition is open to all anglers and there will be plenty of prizes. It is hoped that there will be a big turnout of fishers to support the team and send the boys on their way.
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