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« on: April 17, 2007, 12:41:47 PM »
After the gusting wind, came the bright sun that still keeps the fish down.  Trout have been taken on a very wide variety of flies depending upon the conditions.  
Some good sized fish in the 5 to 8lbs range have been tempted including B Milne with a nice 7lbs bow taken on a White Fritz, while T Graham released a 6lbs bow from a Diawl Bach.   L Davidson released at fish circa 8lbs that had taken a White Lure, while father and son RW and RJ Gartshore had a 6 lbs and a 6 lbs bow respectively.  
Bags were generally lower than usual with the bright conditions and examples include junior S Christie who. after spooning his first fish, used an Olive Buzzer to good effect taking 5 further fish.   M MacPherson and M Chell both had 7, best at 5 lbs, while P Guy and J Graham each released 8, best at 6lbs.   C Davidson tempted 11 on a Diawl Bach and Hares Ear, best at 5 lbs.

Many thanks to everyone for the compliments on the new website.



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