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Daddy Delight
« on: August 06, 2012, 15:58:43 PM »
Daddy Delight
During the mixed weather of last week we were fortunate that we experienced some lovely settled evening conditions and as the fly like emerged, so did the keen dry fly fishers with the ‘Daddy’ being a favourite choice.
Graham Lewis had 8 on daddy’s and hoppers, Neil Smith had 16 on a combination of daddy’s and lures, Ewen Ramsay had 9 with a daddy and White Moth and John Taylor had 8 for his night on daddy and klinkhammer.
Going by the returns book other flies found to be effective were small dry spiders, the grey wulff and olive dun.
Buzzers also accounted for many fish during the week with Steve Will getting 5 on the CSC buzzer and I Low had 9 on a variety of buzzer colours.
Other patterns that worked well during the week were the ginger muddles that Mike Wilson had 6 fish with Neil Smith had 19 on WSW’s and orange blob 7 Ronnie Weir had 6 on a goldhead damsel and yellow dancer.
Hopefully with a bit more settled weather forecast for the week ahead, this will allow for some more splendid top of the water action for dry fly devoters.
SP 06/08/12


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