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Howard & Stuart

                             Well done to Danny Boyle and all those who delivered a fantastic opening to the 2012 London Olympics and good luck to all the members of Team G B in their hunt for medal success.
At Lochter Fishery Oldmeldrum, G B has taken on a whole new meaning, Green Buzzers. They have been the thing to use to attract the trout which have been frustratingly rising and swirling on the surface in big numbers but have for some proved difficult to tempt unless and until they tried the GB`s and how the fish loved them.
Ian Syme made the discovery and caught and released sixteen. Good news travels fast and word soon got round. D Seager  and Steve Corsar quickly followed up with twelve and fifteen respectively and Hugh Gallacher on the advice of Stuart Patterson the fishery ranger tried a cast of olive and bright green buzzers and was more than delighted when ten good fish fell for his offerings.
At certain times of day particularly first thing in the morning numbers of crane flies (daddy long legs ) came out of the grass and anglers were able to use artificial daddies and hoppers to tempt the trout right on the surface. Among those were Mike Reid with eight, John Weir nine and Doug Lewis also eight.
Very happy with his day at Lochter was visiting angler Raymond Devlin on holiday from Paisley. He invested one pound in a ticket for a tagged fish and caught one, netting him a profit of forty nine pounds. A nice wee boost to the holiday funds.
Olympic viewing will be on the menu for many anglers. It will be worth remembering if coming for a cast at Lochter to try Team G B (Green Buzzers)

HH    30/07/12
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