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Surface Action Keeps Anglers on the Alert.
« on: 16/07/2012 at 16:38 »
There is nothing stirs the heart of an angler when he or she stands on their chosen spot on the bank of their chosen water than to see a nice big fish rise or swirl right in front and within easy casting distance. A gentle unhurried presentation right into the area followed by a careful retrieve and the hope or expectation of a confident pull on the line ,a bend on the rod  followed by a spirited  and successful fight .
At Lochter Fishery Oldmeldrum there have been plenty of rising fish to keep the anglers on the alert and keyed up but with plenty of natural food available for the trout, anglers needed skill and guile to tempt them with their artificials.
Very successful in this department was P Broadley who used a CDC hares ear to bring no fewer than twenty one to his net. Dry flies were the fly of choice for many, J Greive had twelve on a shipmans buzzer, R Donald using a dry cormorant  caught and released eleven.   Ernie Mackay had ten all on dries and Ron Wilson had a super day landing nine  on hoppers and cdc`s.
Lures and nymphs also scored well at times .The ever reliable WSW tempted fourteen for A Skene and nine for L Davidson,Steve Walker from Dyce had ten on a bunny leech and visiting angler Ken Ross was glad he came when nine nice fish fell for his damsel nymphs.
With the Olympics just round the corner the hope for competitors and spectators  is that the weather will improve. For anglers this is nae bad with the cool conditions suiting their sport just fine.