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Fine Fishing Weather
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                                                    Fine Fishing Weather.
While the rest of the population is quite rightly bemoaning the dreadful weather, anglers are quite relaxed about it. At Lochter Fishery Oldmeldrum the cool wet weather has kept water temperatures down while at the same time there have been big hatches of flies. This combination has had the effect of keeping the fish active  and feeding much to the delight of anglers and with the forecast for July being more of the same the fishing is  set to remain excellent.
There has been plenty of surface action during the past week with fish taking buzzers in the surface film and daddies ,hoppers and dries from the surface when conditions were right. David Batty from Methlick  had a great day with ten including one at 12lbs plus which he only just managed to get onto his net before releasing it into the depths. Using shipmans buzzers  which really come into their own at this time of year, D Ferguson from Gartly kept three and released nine, while K Wright used a selection of buzzers to account for eleven.
There were occasions when the sun shone ,the trout went deeper and anglers had to do the same find them. D Limond used an olive damsel and was rewarded with ten nice fish and N Kelly used the same fly to tempt eleven. Ron Fraser and Tam Wood from Aberdeen returned eighteen between them using wsw`s while another Wood, Davy , this time, stuck to his favourite olive wsw and landed nine.
Often July is a tough month for anglers with warm water ,clouds of caenis and picky fish but if things continue the way they are the fishers ,who are having a staycation, are set for more good times.

HH 02/07/12


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