Kevin Moss

Millbuies trout fishery w/e 1st July
« on: July 02, 2012, 09:24:48 AM »
The only downside this week has been the up and down weather,but apart from this fishing has been really good.Fish have been taking off the top and buzzers have been working very well.Tadpoles,yellow dancers,cats whiskers have aslo done very well with yellow being the dominant colour.What has been good is to see brown trout being caught by anglers.Chris Boyle had one around 1lb 8ozs,A Thompson one at 2lbs and John Shearson fishing from his float tube, had a brownie over 4lbs plus and a 4lb 2oz rainbow among his 8 fish.All browns were returned.B Wright had 5,D Buley 8,K Fowler 6,C Guthrie 4,G Wright 4,M Bruce 4,D Lietch,5,J Sweeney 4,D Allan 2,M Morrison 11,I Morrison 7,C Boyle 13,A Thompson 7 fish.With plenty of fish rising it should be attractive for the floating lines and dry fly and evenings should prove alot lively.The blues are really coming on with the rich feeding and you certainly know if you have one on as they become acrobatic and dont give up easy.


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