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Kevin Moss

Millbuies trout fishery w/e 18th june
« on: 18/06/2012 at 15:13 »
Millbuies trout fishery continues to fish really well from the boats.Best tactics have to be at present is intermediate lines,yellow dancers,tadpoles,damsels and if conditions are right dry fly and buzzer will come into its own with fish rising freely,especially under the trees around the banks.The fish are superb and leap from the water being full finned and do not give themselves up easy.It is certainly a good days fishing in the most tranquill of locations.The Blues have certainly grown on well and are now nearing 1lb 8ozs since their introduction to the water.Keys are collected at the Glen only a mile or so from millbuies first and members of staff pick them up when anglers finish their sessions at millbuies. A video link here of the sport you can expect at the fishery.


And some blues