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Time to look out the Dries
« on: June 18, 2012, 14:27:41 PM »
Time to look out the Dries.
The weather may be far from dry but the mixed and moist conditions have lead to  huge hatches of  flies from the water and plenty of terrestrials blowing on to the water from the trees and banks.
This in turn has led to big rises of trout on the lochs at Lochter Fishery Oldmeldrum. Some anglers wait for this time and revel  in the conditions for there is nothing more thrilling than to see a big swirl and watch your well placed dry disappear into the jaws of a nice fat trout. The Mackays, Ernie Jnr and Snr gave their dries a throw and ended with twenty  two  between them  but at the weekend when the lochs were dotted with rising fish,John Brown tempted twenty six himself with his cdc`s and fishing buddy Kevin Neri used a variety of dries to bring nineteen to the net before being releasing to rise another day. Also doing well was Liam Stephen who used a tiny size sixteen black spider to fool sixteen nice fish.
Not surprisingly buzzers have been doing very well also .John Rhind had nine ,A Christie twelve, G Gormley eight and B Ross also eight all on buzzers, mainly black. Overall the fishing has been excellent with anglers able to stick to their favoured methods and catch fish .With the conditions forecast to remain mixed ,anglers who are having a staycation and are not intent in venturing to foreign parts ,should continue to do well.

HH  18/06/12


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