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Hopping Mad at Lochter
« on: June 11, 2012, 15:35:38 PM »
Hopping Mad at Lochter
Madness has not descended on Lochter I am happy to report but during the week at times, there was certainly a ‘frenzy’ for hoppers of various colours.
With cool conditions for most of the week, just under the surface presentation depth appeared to be the key tatic. With this in mind Tommy Wright had 8 on a black hopper and buzzer combination, Dave Simpson and Neil Smith fishing their Summer League heat had 13 and 21 respectively both on hopper and buzzers. James Ross had 8 on an olive hopper and hare’s ear and Bill Whyte had 9 with a black hopper and snatcher.
Lures that worked well during the week were the WSW- Martin Patience had 12 using it, the little devil lure-John Williamson had 8 with it, and the white fritz proved effective with M Allan and Graham Wilson getting 7 and 5.
Particularly during the evening sessions last week, there were signs that the dry fly was starting to ‘come on’ and Ernie Mackay snr and jnr caught 12 7 10 fish respectively with a variety of them.
Let’s hope for a bit more heat so that we can get some excellent top of the water fishing for the weeks ahead. We are now  open until to 10pm so its ideal for some after work ‘evening rise’ action.


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