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Millbuies trout fishery week end 4th June(All Boat)
« on: June 04, 2012, 19:22:30 PM »
The lochs at Millbuies have been fishing very well and despite the water colouring during the week from the rain they began to clear and evening rises of fish have been very good,which is encouraging for dry fly as fish feed off the top.Best of the week was for A Mitchell who landed and returned a Big Brown trout near double figures among his 9 fish,Jim Walker had 6 fish with his best at 41/2lbs,I Bremner had 10,Chris Grant had 12 to 5lbs,A Gilbert had 13,M Andrews had 5,D Carnie on two outings had 10 and 5 fish,The fmcc club enjoyed good returns also,S McConachie had 4,Jamie Hay had 3,F McLaughlin had 7,D Ward 4 and D Hepburn had 3 fish.Most anglers commented they should have had alot more with the amount of tugs and fish on and off. We are now entering the best of the fishing season and sport at Millbuies can only get better especially evenings and well worth a cast with the dries.Extra staff are around now at the fishery to help anglers with the arrival of Kevin Dawson who is holding Fly tying evenings on mon and thurs each week at the Glen of rothes.


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