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Artloch Fishery
« on: April 03, 2007, 11:23:04 AM »
Despite fish rising for Olives and another unidentified very small grey fly at Artloch, going sub-surface with Damsels, together with Black and Olive Fritzs has been very successful.  

Examples of catch returns include D Fraser with 9, best at 3lbs, who had a purple patch in the morning of his visit, before the sun put down the fish.   The afternoon's bright sun was a problem at the end of the week, affecting the majority of anglers.   This happened to J Eva and M Weight who both tempted 10, best at 4lbs.   Visiting anglers K Tongue and T Keane were both grateful for advice released 12 and 10 respectively, best at 5 lbs.   P Keir out fished his brother with 14, while L Wood released 15, best at 8 lbs, could not quite keep pace with J Rennie who released 28, best at 4lbs.  
Tempting the bows with size 24 dries, I Sutherland did attract a lot of interest - not only from the fish - but sadly only managed 3.   Still, it bodes very well for future top water fishing at Artloch when the wind does eventually move from the East.   Happy Easter.



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