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Kevin Moss

millbuies trout fishery (Boat only)we 22nd April
« on: April 23, 2012, 07:46:04 AM »
Fishing has been again excellent here with plenty of good sessions for anglers.Small wet flies have and buzzers worked well along with damsels and nymphs doing best.A Cormack had 12,W Salmond had 10 to 6and half pounds,David reid had 27 to 4lbs,G Morrison had 7 to 4lbs,Nig Burgess had 9,Stephen Coull had 23,Abigail Montgomery had 12 ,Stuart Montgomery had 15 and Alan Noble had 6 fish,Gary Marshall had 3.Most success when fishing here is casting under the banks where fish are lieing catching insects from the surrounding trees and floating lines will work as fish rise,but counting flies down to depth and change retrieves need to be adopted to catch.Fish react to wilder tactics here due to the depth and surroundings of the lochs and searching fish out is required and static methods just dont work well here and flies need to move to take fish.The Blues have been a highlight for many anglers and given great sport through the week


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